Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Somebody turned 3 yesterday!!

I just can't believe Ian is 3. Where has the time gone, really?

We had a pretty nice celebration. We went out for breakfast, pancakes at IHOP by the birthday boys request. Then we hit the clearance at Target (ok, that wasn't so much for Ian as it was for me...). We found some great deals though, new stockings and a tree skirt and bed sheets....holy cow they had flannel sheets in any size for $4.99!! We all got new sheets! I also got new stuff for the kids bathroom, changed it up a bit. There's been changes to the kids rooms too, I'll post pictures of that later!

Anyway.....about Ian!

We had his party planned for 4pm. I tried to get him to nap so he would be full of energy for his party but it was a no-go. He rested for about an hour but no sleep. Luckily he did ok anyway! The party was at Party On, which is the same place we had Gracie's 3rd birthday at. The theme he choose for his party was race cars so he had a racing car cake and we used decorations from the movie Cars. A lot of his little friends came and we all had a lot of fun! And boy did he make out on gifts, man he got some great toys!!!

Before we left home he wanted to open one present, this is what Gracie got him!

Payge, building with the blocks.
Halem at the bottom of a slide.
Atreyu at the top of a slide.
Gracie jumping.
Damien coming out of the tunnel.
Gracie and Spencer, the boy she insists she's going to marry.
Grandma and a gaggle of kids after coming down the huge fire truck slide.

Jacob shooting hoops.Ian coming out of the fire truck slide.

Grandma and Ian going down the slide.Opening presents while on the birthday throne.

Covering his ears while we were singing happy birthday. He said we were too loud!
Still covering.Two happy kids at the end of a great party!

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