Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still sick!

It's officially hit all of us now, I was the last man standing but I succumbed today. Ick is all I have to say about that. James was sick all day yesterday and as and added bonus Ian puked at 4am today, almost 60 hours since he had last gotten sick. This bug is bad. Seriously bad. In spite of the illness we did go out today, very quickly. We ran to the nearest Build-A-Bear to keep up our Christmas Eve tradition of having the kids make new stuffed animals. Gracie made a pink kitty cat like her friend Payge has, she's very excited that they will have matching pets now! Ian made a dinosaur and named it Ian, silly kid!

Tomorrow we will be having Christmas all by ourselves. We had plans to head up to the in-laws but that is definitely not happening in our condition! The plan is to shoot for Saturday afternoon, hopefully we will all be better by then. Of course we have Ian's birthday next Tuesday too, so we gotta get over this. I have the bounce house place that we went to for Gracie's 3rd birthday all rented and paid for, I do not want to cancel his party!!!

I can't believe he's gonna be 3. Heaven help me, time flies so fast.......

Merry Christmas!!!

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