Saturday, January 31, 2009

California trip, days five and six.

The last two days we were in California were absolutely beautiful. The weather was wonderful and made for great relaxing out in the yard and on the beach. Day 5 we didn't do much of anything except just that!! We played in the sun and sand, had lunch outside, and took a long nap. In the evening we headed to the harbor for awhile in search of candy and some souvenirs. On our way home we picked up pizza and were joined for dinner by one of James co-workers and his family. We had a great time talking with them. While they were visiting Ian decided to fall off the table benches not just once but twice and hit his head both times resulting in bumps on both the front and back of his head. Thank goodness it wasn't anything that a little bonfire and smores couldn't cure! There are only a few pictures from our day, just the playing we did on the beach. You can see them here.

For our last day we went to the San Diego Zoo. We were lucky to catch a sea lion show where we also got to see a wolf and some beautiful macaws. We were mainly in search of the pandas there so after a stop at the childrens zoo we headed across the zoo on the gondola tram. We were able to see the pandas and a few other animals before calling it a day. We could have stayed longer and kind of wanted to because the zoo was absolutely amazing and beautiful but we also really wanted to spend our last afternoon on the beach! So we headed home, hitting the In and Out Burger on the way. We spent the late afternoon on the beach until the sun went down and the kids were begging for a bath! Here's pictures from our last day.

We had such a wonderful trip. I am seriously missing the beach today and wondering if there is a way we can move there forever! I doubt we could afford anything more than a studio on the beach though and that would be pretty tight for 4 people, two cats, and a big black lab. So I guess I will try to be content looking at the pictures and remembering our beautiful week on the beach.

Lucky for me we head to the other coast in just a little more than 2 weeks, so I won't have to miss the beach for long!!!!!

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