Friday, January 09, 2009

The last week in review.

Cause I'm in a bullet point kind of mood!

~Gracie learned how to swim underwater. It's totally awesome! Daily lessons are definitely a blessing and a curse. I'm thrilled with how far she's come in just 4 days. I'm honestly exhausted from getting us all out the door every morning though. Makes me realize how much I would hate doing that for school!
~The first meeting for our new home school group went really well and I'm very excited about where this group is going to go.
~Garrett was adopted and he totally scored a wonderful home. I'm very happy how this all worked out.
~I babysat my friends 3 kids yesterday for almost 5 hours and everyone survived.
~The new Hibachi restaurant in town is yummy.
~I finished my Attachment Parenting International leader application so I'm now a leader for API of Parker.
~I purchased a membership to the San Diego Zoo because it works out cheaper for us to do that than to buy one day tickets when we are there for our trip.
~I booked a room for April's wedding.
~I booked a room in Myrtle Beach for our mini vacation after April's wedding.
~I'm working on a lifestyle change both with eating and exercising and so far I'm accomplishing what I want to.
~I have three birthday parties to work this weekend for the Fun Bus and one birthday party to attend for our friend Halem who's turning 3.

Needless to say it's been pretty busy around here. I'm really looking forward to vacation!

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