Friday, January 16, 2009

We have a Shark in our midst!

I'm so proud of Gracie who passed her swimming class and it now in the Shark class!! I have video of her last day and if I can figure out how to post it on the blog I will. The last two days of class she jumped off the diving board by herself with just a noodle for support and swam to the side unassisted. The very last day she went down the water slide all by herself and was caught at the bottom. These are huge jumps for her, at the start of this class 2 weeks ago she didn't even really understand how to hold her breath for more than a couple seconds. Now she's swimming under water and jumping of diving boards. It's pretty amazing!!! Her teacher was fabulous though, I am going to request him for every class both the kids take from now on.

Ian also took swimming lessons but he did not enjoy them nearly as much as Gracie did. He had a major personality conflict with his teacher who was pretty much unable to convince him swimming is fun. Gracie's teacher took him in the water a couple times though, between their lessons, and he got Ian to do whatever he wanted without any complaints. I tell you, the right teacher can make all the difference!!

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