Monday, February 09, 2009

A table full of Valentines

These are valentines Gracie finished tonight for a swap with other kids of some of the most important women in my life, my Crunchier Than Thou board. (Yes we are, so there!)

Anyway, I know they probably won't arrive on time so I have posted them here so all the kiddos can find their valentine in the pile! Have fun! And don't worry, they are going in the mail, getting them in envelopes tonight is my job.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's been quiet around here.

This last week has just been calm and mostly quiet, trying to catch up from our vacation and get ready for the next one. The weather has been gorgeous, we went on a hike Wednesday morning with our home school friends and it was just beautiful out. Thursday we met up with our same friends at the park to once again enjoy the temperatures around 70 degrees. Friday I took the kids for a little trim on their hair. They are both in April's wedding and needed a little spruce up. I had to work yesterday morning and since then the temperature had taken a plunge, I think it's about 35 degrees right now, burrrrr!!

James is having a major tooth issue at the moment. He started having excruciating pain on Friday and yesterday it was even worse. After speaking to his dentist and two others he's on some antibiotics and pain killers and will be having either a root canal or his tooth removed all together tomorrow morning. He could barely function by yesterday afternoon, it was pretty horrible. He has a high pain tolerance so I was getting pretty worried. I really wish there were such a thing as an ER for dental stuff, he really could use it right now. I am pretty ticked at James dentist who has seen him for 5 years and who we have literally paid thousands of dollars to for all the work James requires yearly (he has really bad teeth in general). He was pretty rude to me on the phone yesterday and refused to do anything for him other than call in a prescription. We have never called him for an emergency before and his response was so poor that James will be switching dentists effective immediately. He actually lectured me about how busy he is and how it's unfair to his family to take care of someone on the weekends!!! I think he should remove his home phone number from his office machine if he doesn't want to be bothered! Geesh!!! The kids and I already see someone else because I really didn't care for this guys policies. I couldn't believe how rude he was to me though. It was pretty bad.

Anyway, that's where we are today. We leave for NC next week so we are getting ready for that. I need to find somethin to wear for the wedding. I have basically zero dressy outfits since I have no where to wear them! Maybe I should hit a few stores this afternoon.......