Friday, March 27, 2009


We got about a foot of snow yesterday. I'm not sure exactly how much because at first it was melting as is landed and this morning it's melting super fast because the sun is nice and bright. James came home at lunch yesterday because the roads were getting bad and it took him an hour to drive what usually takes 10 minutes, the roads were glare ice in a lot of spots! This morning he dug himself out and headed to work a couple hours late. The kids and I bundled up and went for a walk with Maggie. I let her off the leash and she ran like a total crazy dog scooping the snow up with her head as she went, like a doggie snowplow, it was so funny!! I love how silly dogs get in the snow!

We ended up at our little neighborhood park and the kids spent awhile on the equipment. They had to crawl on hands and knees because it was so slippery and they were soaking wet from the snow melting on the metal. It was hilarious though. You know what plastic slides, nylon snow suits, snow and water do to slides? Holy cow, it was like watching ski jumpers, we were all laughing our butts off.

I didn't have the camera because I had the dog and gloves on but take my word for it, the snow is beautiful and the kids were having a blast.

We're suppose to get more snow on Monday, but not as much as this. I'm not the least big grumpy about it though, we need the moisture so bad, we've had barely any snow this winter. I'll take whatever we can get as we head towards summer!

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