Monday, March 02, 2009

Time marches on!

I can't believe it's March already. I'm so happy. This winter was the most mild one I can remember since I've lived in Colorado. I use to love winter but since having kids I just don't enjoy it as much. At all. I suspect it won't be so bad after this year since the kids are older but the last couple years with babies and infants in the freezing cold, the bundling and unbundling, the sicknesses, being trapped inside because it's just not worth the effort of facing the cold, well, that has all pretty much ruined winter for me. I'm so glad we got the break we did this year!!! I think that taking a trip somewhere warm in the midst of it also really helps, I want to try to make it a yearly thing although I'm not sure if financially that will be possible! It would also make winter a lot more fun if we could ski all season but holy cow, sking with kids is freakishly expensive. At least for us!!

Today and tomorrow it's suppose to be 70 degrees outside. Unfortunately Ian is sick with a fever so we are hanging out at home although Gracie has been playing outside. I'm looking so forward to weeks of this warm weather and hanging out at the beach. We went a few times last year but this year I plan to make it at least a weekly trip. The kids love the water and the sand and it's so relaxing. Going out is easier than staying home. At home I end up being the neighborhood babysitter and after 3 years it's gotten really old. The kids don't really get along very well with any of the other neighborhood kids most of whom are about the same age but run around with little to no adult supervision. One of the other neighbor moms recently told me she decided to pull her kids out of school and home school them so we'd be seeing more of them. I wanted to be happy but inside I just cringed. Her kids just fight with mine and the mom just yells and threatens them while simultaneously ignoring them. It drives me nuts and usually drives us back into the house! I never thought I'd want one but let me tell you I would pay serious money for a 6 foot fenced in yard right about now!!!

I had an appointment with the doctor for my leg this morning. I have two more weeks in the cast/boot thing and then I can start wearing shoes again. I go back for a surgical evaluation on April 20th and we'll see if anything can be fixed so I don't continuously break something for the rest of my life. It's getting really old!

James and I are doing Weight Watchers again. I lost 20 pounds last time I did it and have pretty much plateaued since then. Breaking my leg 2 weeks ago has caused me to gain 5 pounds though (emotional eating + inability to move much = alice gets fat), so back on the WW wagon I go. The battle of the waist, will it ever end?

James leaves for Chris's wedding on Thursday morning before the sun is up. The guys are all road tripping in my van. They can laugh all they want at our 2 mini-van family but it's saving them all the cost of airplane tickets now since no one else has a vehicle big enough for 4 men to travel in!! They are taking mine since it's much newer and safer so I'll be stuck with the old blue bomb for 4 days. That's ok though, I'm not driving much anyway with my cast!

Here's pictures from April's wedding. We had a great time there and couldn't be happier for April. I hope you guys can come for a visit again soon!!

And that my friends is that! You are now up to speed on what's been going on in the Burson household.

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