Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wild imaginations

Having two young kids so close in age definitely has it's perks. And by perks I mean daily comedy.

One of the things they have been doing lately totally cracks me up. And also kind of makes my mind go crack!!

Gracie will start a story. She has a crazy imagination with a multitude of friends who all have issues in their lives. It's hilarious. Anyway......yesterday she started talking about one of these people. She was talking to them on the phone (an old cell phone). She hung up and proceeded to tell me about how this friend had 5 guinea pigs and some boy stole one of them. Ian, who til this point has just been walking along with me and listening to her, corrects her and says "no, he stole 2 guinea pigs." Gracie looks at him for a second and says "Oh yeah, you're right Ian, it was 2 guinea pigs." He's all "Yeah, I know."

They do this all the time. They check each others facts and create these situations in unison. It's so funny although sometimes it makes me wonder if there's a whole world out there I just can't see.

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