Thursday, May 28, 2009

The manian taz devil

Last night at about 2am I sat bolt upright in bed due to the bloody murder scream that came over the monitor. (Yes, we still use a monitor. We have to keep all the bedroom doors shut at night due to nocturnal kitty activity and we all use white noise machines to sleep. It gives us all peace of mind to use the monitor.)

Anyway......I literally jumped up and ran down the hall, Gracie was screaming for me and I wanted to get her out of there before she woke Ian up. I got in there and she came to the edge of her loft bed and practically jumped on me. Uff... I got her in our room, pulled out the futon pad we keep tucked under the bed for situations like this, got her re-tucked in and we both went back to sleep. I'm pretty sure she was up for awhile though because she slept til 8:30 which for her is like sleeping til noon.

Tonight she tells me she's too scared to sleep in our room and she finally tells me her dream last night was about the "Manian taz devil". She said he is a bad guy and she's afraid of him because he eats woodland creatures and he got into Bugs Bunnys hole. In her dream he apparently came into our house and she's afraid he will come back and she knows he can get her because he can knock down trees so he might come in her room and knock her bed down.

How do you argue with that? It's pretty sound logic.

We had a long talk about how he's a cartoon and he can't hurt her or anyone else but she said she's still scared because he comes in her dreams and she can't tell herself it's pretend.

Again, pretty sound logic.

So Gracie is sleeping in our room tonight, back on the futon pad on the floor. I'm hoping this passes quickly since we can't really spare our room at night, James needs it to do his homework. A night or two will be ok though. She's really not one to have night time fears like this.

I have to say, her sincere tears of fear coupled with her calling him the manian taz devil was pretty cute. She's growing up so fast.

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