Thursday, May 21, 2009


And with the arrival of the summer-like weather has come lots of activities!

Since my last post the kids both finished and passed their swim levels and have started another round of lessons.  Ian is now a Minnow (level 2) and Gracie is now an Orca (level 4).  I am very proud of both of them.  Ian is the youngest in his class this time and is getting comfortable with putting his face in the water and holding his breath when he dunks and bobs.  He’s also learning to float.  Gracie is in the deep end this time, she is officially able to swim without touching the bottom of the pool and she can do an entire length of the pool on both her back and her tummy.  She’s learning backstroke and front crawl.   She LOVES it, she is really a natural swimmer.  She’s the most brave in her class this time, she is the only one who will jump off the race platform without hesitation, and she’ll do it as many times as you let her.  It’s pretty awesome in my opinion.

I have started physical therapy for my ankles.  I don’t like it and I’m not as consistent with the exercises as I should be.  I need to be more disciplined, but routine exercise is definitely not my forte!  And I have to admit that I’m doubtful this is going to work.  I really think it’s just a matter of time before an ankle cracks again.  And when it does I will have surgery and then that should be the end of it!  Of course I’ll have to have physical therapy if I have surgery so I guess no matter what I should just get with the program!

Last Friday Gracie had her first sleep over with James parents.  She really had a wonderful time and loved spending time with them.  The only bump in the road was with bedtime, she worked them over pretty well and managed to stay up hours past her normal bedtime!  The result was a very grumpy and bi-polar 5 year old the next day.  When we drove her home that evening she was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the entire hour long commute.  It was pretty nuts!!  I gave grandma some hints on how to handle bedtime for the next sleep over and I’m sure it will go much better.

Lastly, and what a better way to end a post about summer, here are some pictures of the kids and the new pool I got them.  I went for the biggest hard pool I could find this time, hopefully it will appease them for at least two summers and then *fingers crossed* we will have a yard we can put a larger swimming pool in.  Because we have to take it down after every use a blow up pool just isn’t practical at all.  I’ll be so glad when we can have something bigger.


I filled this baby up and the kids went round and round and round, down the slide, along the pool edge, up the stairs. 


Over and over and over.


For about 3 hours.


They slept very well that night!!  Yay for summer!!!

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