Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Water Play

Just some recent pictures from both the Cherry Creek Reservoir and from a local park.   We are lovin’ the hot weather!


IMG_4910 IMG_4917 IMG_4918 IMG_4919   IMG_5011IMG_4982 IMG_4993 IMG_4996 IMG_4999 IMG_5002

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

James called all the shots today and we had a bunch of fun!

We started off by giving him his gift, a Laptop Lunchbox.  He takes his lunch to work most days, and usually it’s leftovers from dinner.  I am hoping this box will be a great solution to packing things as we clean up from dinner and will keep my precious glass Anchor containers from disappearing.  We shall see…..

Anywho, after that we quickly all got dressed and we fed the kids a little pre-breakfast before heading to Cracker Barrel.  The thing about going to Cracker Barrel is we don’t have one anywhere near us.   The closest one is a 40 minute drive away.  Thus the pre-breakfast.  And of course once we arrived they had a 45 minute wait.  So we shopped (I got some great little car toy type stuff for our drive to Chicago), and then we finally sat down to a delicious country breakfast.

From Cracker Barrel we drove to Boulder, specifically to Eldorado Canyon State Park.  Although I lived near Boulder when I first moved to Colorado I had never been there, neither had James.  It’s a beautiful park with South Boulder Creek running through it.   We hiked a bit and I got some great pictures.

Daddy and his kiddos.


Can you find the climbers?


Gracie posing for shots.


Lookin’ cute as always!


Drinking from one of those wax bottle shaped candy juice things.  She got a pack at Cracker Barrel.  She called them her beer and she told us that whenever she is hiking she is going to drink beer instead of water because it’s better.  We told her that if she ever tells us she’s going hiking when she’s a teenager we’re telling her no.  She didn’t get it…..


Handsome little hiker.


Daddy and the kids on the trail.


The family!


Sibling love, can’t you see it just flowing between them!


The kids and I perched up on a boulder.


Hot guy on a rock.  Oh yeah!!!


Oops, did I say that out loud?  Don’t let James know.

Anyway…..after our hike we threw rocks in the creek for awhile and then headed back to our neck of the woods.  We grabbed a very late lunch at a new Indian Bowl place.  It was ok, but not great.  Then we headed to the theater to see Up.  What a wonderful movie.  It was so sweet and so sad yet so happy.  I don’t know how to explain it, but we all really liked it.

Then home again home again.

So I think it’s safe to say Fathers Day 2009 was a smashing success.  James darlin’ thanks for being the wonderful husband and father that you are.  I love you so much, and them some more!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There’s been lots of activity in the Burson household as of late.  I’ve been working a lot, the Fun Bus has been in high demand the last few weekends.   James is deep into his class for this 8 weeks, when this one is over he only has 4 left!!!  My gosh I cannot explain how happy it makes me to know we are in the home stretch.  The kids are doing all their kid stuff, staying busy with our home school group, (Have you checked out my link to my home school blog on the left?  You should you know, there’s even more fun and photos there!), and just being kids!  I finally got their bedroom completed with some blue circles painted on the wall for Ian, making it a true brother and sister room.  We also purged the playroom and readjusted it once again.  It’s my next painting project…….

This past weekend we had a garage sale.  As usual our neighborhood sale was pretty crappy but we gave it the old college try anyway.   There was a little more traffic than last year I guess, but it seems that most people just don’t want to come to sales that are in a townhome neighborhood.  I had to work all day so James managed the sale and Gracie’s lemonade stand.  She wanted to have a stand to try to earn some money for the trip we are going to take to the American Girls store in Chicago.  She ended up making $9.50 which I guess is pretty good for a 5 year old but we are going to have to come up with some other money making schemes for her because with the money she has saved and the money from that stand she’s still about $40 short for a doll.  Selling stuff on Craigslist is next!



Ian got himself a real bike too, I think it was last weekend.  We actually got it from next to a dumpster.  It is a Columbia and had a tag on it for $79.99.  The tires are like new, hold air just fine, and it even has a hand break.   I don’t know why it was ditched but it sure was a score for us!  Truth be told we got Gracie’s bike out of a dumpster too, the one behind our house.  It’s amazing what good stuff people will trash…..


Our baby birds hatched!!  All 3 of the eggs hatched and all 3 babies seem to be doing well.  We observe mommy and daddy bird coming to the next multiple times a day with worms in their beaks, it’s really so cute.  The babies are naked and ugly right now and it’s really hilarious to see them all pop up with their mouths open wide when their parents fly into the nest.  It will be really interesting when they start to fly!


Yesterday I took the kids to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We got a membership this year and I hope to go a lot this summer so we can enjoy both the museum and the fountain.  Yesterday it was a little cool for running in the water but the museum was great.

Here’s Gracie with the giant dinosaur at the parking garage.  Ian won’t get near this guy but Gracie loves him.


Our first stop after eating the lunch we brought along was the space stuff.  We actually bumped into some of our friends when we arrived so Gracie hung with them while I went to the tot spot with Ian.  He loves the playroom they have for kids in there, there’s a control board and little jumpsuits and he totally gets into character like some crazy Star Wars pilot.  It’s hilarious.



Quick costume change because the orange suits have belt buckles which apparently are a must have for 3 year old space men.



From there we went to look at some of the animal dioramas and the American Indian exhibit which Gracie really loved.  Then to the dinosaurs, a favorite for both the kids.  They actually call DMNS “the dinosaur museum” and we have to go see the bones every time we are there.


Then we headed outside.  The sun had come out so we walked down to the rose garden behind the museum and then walked to the lake in City Park. 

Gracie smelled some roses.



Ian came running for a hug.


And I took this awesome shot.  I LOVE this picture.  You can see the City Park fountain and boat house, the buildings of down town Denver and the snow capped mountains.  So beautiful!


And that brings us to today.  The kids are a little under the weather, James was sick over the weekend and I think they have what he had.   So we hung out, they watched a lot of the Wiggles on video and I cleaned the house.  All in all a good day.   I hope a good nights sleep will help them feel well enough to hike tomorrow, we are suppose to head to Roxborough with our home school group.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Takin’ a dam hike

On Saturday we hiked up the the Castlewood Canyon dam.  It was a beautiful hike and a beautiful day.  You can read the history of the dam if you click here.  It broke in 1933 and caused one of the worst floods in Denver’s history.


It was especially cool to be there when we were because the canyon had just flooded earlier in the week.  We had a ton of rain and the creek was up 15 feet at it’s highest.  The damage from the rain was obvious.  Bridges from the hiking trails had been washed away and the bushes and trees were all pushed with the current.  There was a lot of debris in the growth all along the trail and there was sand from the creek bottom everywhere.  We hiked this trail just a couple weeks earlier and everything really looked different.  It was a great learning experience!



Gracie found lots of rocks and said they were her ancient treasures.  I think she was really hoping to find an arrowhead or spearhead.  These rocks were probably the kind something like that would have been made from so she had a great time pretending.


We stopped to play along the creek and have a snack for awhile.


Gracie and I were being strong women while standing on this rock in the creek.


Then she went and took a picture of James and I!  Not bad, ehh?




After a little more playing in the creek we made it to the dam.  What was left of it was a pretty awesome site, it was huge!  The large part of the dam that is left is on the west side.  There wasn’t hardly anything left on the east side, just the small pile of rocks in the last photo.





I’m very glad we were able to see the dam.  I think it will be a favorite hike of ours now since it’s pretty easy, it’s beautiful, and there were very few people, especially for a Saturday!