Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nature in our backyard

The weather has been so great this year and along with it has come lots and lots of beauty and life!

Gracie got the coolest butterfly habitat for her birthday.  It was a kit and caterpillars were mailed to us live for it.  We are now in the final stages of their metamorphosis and it is really exciting!


Can you see them all in there?  There are 3 hanging, one right below them that fell down when it was wiggling and one on the kleenex.   Yesterday they all started moving a lot, wiggling and vibrating, it was so awesome!  You could hear them banging around in there.  Very cool!

Then yesterday we discovered this in the little tree right outside our front door.


Actually our little friend Payge discovered it.  I have been noticing a robin who keeps flying off whenever we come out the door but I thought she was coming from under the roof somewhere!  Turns out she built her next about 4 feet off the ground in our little tree.  Not the safest place if you ask me but maybe she knew we would help her protect it.  Which is pretty important because this:


is who sits in the window that is only about 3 feet from that tree.  Singa the great hunter will be all over that nest if we let her out so we are all on high alert kitty cat patrol.

This morning mama bird flew off so I had a chance to poke around and this is what I found.


How cool is that???  I’m so excited for baby birds, pictures will follow, I promise!

Our final nature study is here in this big pot.


These are from bulbs the kids and I planted in April.  We have two other containers with bulbs and another with tomatoes and basil in the back yard.  We should have tons of beautiful flowers before summer is up and we already have a bunch of baby tomatoes.  We have been getting rain by the bucketful and it’s making everything around our house grow like crazy.  It’s the most lovely and lush spring I can remember while living here in Colorado.  We are really enjoying it!

And a few shots of the kids because they are so darn cute!




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April Showers said...

Those are great shots of the kids. Man, Ian just continues to be SO photogenic, huh?