Monday, June 08, 2009

Takin’ a dam hike

On Saturday we hiked up the the Castlewood Canyon dam.  It was a beautiful hike and a beautiful day.  You can read the history of the dam if you click here.  It broke in 1933 and caused one of the worst floods in Denver’s history.


It was especially cool to be there when we were because the canyon had just flooded earlier in the week.  We had a ton of rain and the creek was up 15 feet at it’s highest.  The damage from the rain was obvious.  Bridges from the hiking trails had been washed away and the bushes and trees were all pushed with the current.  There was a lot of debris in the growth all along the trail and there was sand from the creek bottom everywhere.  We hiked this trail just a couple weeks earlier and everything really looked different.  It was a great learning experience!



Gracie found lots of rocks and said they were her ancient treasures.  I think she was really hoping to find an arrowhead or spearhead.  These rocks were probably the kind something like that would have been made from so she had a great time pretending.


We stopped to play along the creek and have a snack for awhile.


Gracie and I were being strong women while standing on this rock in the creek.


Then she went and took a picture of James and I!  Not bad, ehh?




After a little more playing in the creek we made it to the dam.  What was left of it was a pretty awesome site, it was huge!  The large part of the dam that is left is on the west side.  There wasn’t hardly anything left on the east side, just the small pile of rocks in the last photo.





I’m very glad we were able to see the dam.  I think it will be a favorite hike of ours now since it’s pretty easy, it’s beautiful, and there were very few people, especially for a Saturday!

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