Friday, July 31, 2009

A whole lot of nothin’ goin’ on

Since our return from Chicago life has been slow.  I have been sick as a dog for a couple weeks now, it’s been pretty crappy.  Gracie and Ian both were sick as we left Chicago and Gracie’s sickness continued to a nasty cough that finally stopped a couple days ago.  I got sick the day after we got home and also ended up with the cough and horrible bronchitis.  I am still coughing but it is getting better, slowly but surely!

So needless to say we haven’t been up to much at all.  We did go out one day last week, before my cough turned horrible.  I took the kids up to Tiny Town.  It was pretty funny.  It’s this little town made up of houses that are pretty much just large doll houses and buildings.  Some of them have areas where kids can climb in.  There is also a little train you can ride.  Honestly the whole thing was pretty hokey but the kids had fun. 


IMG_5408 IMG_5409 IMG_5394 IMG_5398 IMG_5400

We also had friends here to visit.  They were brave to enter our house with the plague within but it seems that they didn’t get sick which is great!!  Emily, her husband James and their little guy Michael were here so Emily could attend the Tomboy Tools convention here in Denver.  I was really bummed we didn’t get to do much fun stuff at all, but we made the best of it anyway!



And that’s pretty much all that’s gone on the last couple weeks.  Hopefully the next few weeks will be a lot more exciting and there will be fun stuff to post about!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Roadtrip ‘09

The kids, my mother-in-law and I journeyed to Chicago on July 5th and returned on July  14th.   Our trip included stops at the Herbert Hoover house, Ikea, Lego Land, downtown Chicago, the American Girl store, an architectural boat tour on the Chicago river and Lake Michigan, and a Pony Express station with tons of random stops along the way.  I got to experience a very local restaurant in Omaha thanks to my visit with my friend Andi.  We were able to visit with grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.   The kids played with a slip and slide at Grandma and Grandpas and caught fireflies for the first time.  They played at the park I played at a million times as a kid.  We picked raspberries at Aunt Cheryl’s house.  The day before we left Gracie got sick but otherwise the entire trip went off without any problems.  Believe it or not it went so well I’m looking forward to doing it again!

Here’s some pictures!  I also included July 3rd when we went to a Rockies game and the 4th up in Loveland.


To Lory

This post is dedicated to my friend Lory because I think she deserves to know that she will always have a place in Colorado!


If Lory were a State Park (oh wait, she is) I would stand by her proudly with no regard to how large my butt looks on the world wide web.


We would wear tie-dye in her honor.


The children would play imaginary violins with sticks,


and draw swords from their t-shirts.


I would wash my hands in her lovely waterfalls.  (That sounds pretty kinky, ehh?)


We would allow the children to do dangerous things for fun.


Most of all though, we would see her beauty all around us and smile!

IMG_5059 IMG_5048 IMG_5049 IMG_5050

Because Lory is a lovely person and I enjoyed thinking of her while hiking at her park!