Friday, September 25, 2009

Henna Highlights and Hounds

Yesterday while I was looking at hair products and deciding on a hair dye for myself Gracie decided she wanted to color her hair too.  She picked a henna color that looked like it would turn out bright red.  Like clown red.  And maybe it would have been that red if I had left it on for longer or used more heat with it.   But the color it came out is just beautiful, gives us an idea what Gracie would look like if she came out with her daddies hair!



I know she’s a little squinty in these pictures, the sun was in her face and she wasn’t feeling very patient but it shows the color which I think is beautiful.  She loves it too, she’s such a girly girl at heart.  Heaven help us when she’s old enough to do dye kits herself!!!

And here’s a few pictures of the puppies, because they are cute and don’t get nearly as much attention as the kids!  These pictures were taken during an episode of WWF wrestling doggie edition, which occurs nightly in our living room.




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