Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A new puppy and a sleepy boy!

Here’s some pictures of our new puppy.  Her name is Sweet Colorado Molly, just Molly for short.  She’s a little cutie and we are all loving her a lot!  She came from a wonderful AKC American Cocker Spaniel breeder in Alamosa and I am so glad to have her.  She’s my 3rd cocker spaniel.  The first was our family dog Holly who we had her whole life.  Then came Baylee who I had for one short year before she was tragically hit by a car.  And now here’s Molly.  Here’s hoping for a good long life for this little gal!!!

IMG_5479  IMG_5485 IMG_5490 

And here’s my sleepy boy.  He’s never fallen asleep like this on his little chair, in fact he pretty much never just falls asleep anywhere!  He was quietly sitting there so he could write in his notebook and the next thing I know he’s asleep.   Isn’t he just so cute?

IMG_5492 IMG_5491

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