Thursday, October 08, 2009

Congratulations Gracie!

Today was the last day of swimming lessons for this session and Gracie passed to the next level.  She’s now a Flipper which is the final level for beginning swimmers at our pool!  She can do both the freestyle and backstroke as well as tread water for at least a minute.  She’s been swimming laps in her lessons for awhile now and it’s so amazing to see how far she’s come.  Last fall she couldn’t swim without assistance, now she jumps off the diving board and can do the waterslide safely by herself.    I’m so proud of her!  She starts her next class on Monday and will be swimming with kids 8 and up.

Ian is taking lessons too.  He’s in the Minnow class and is currently trying to conqueror getting his whole head underwater and being comfortable floating.  He’s taking a break from lessons for the next two weeks and will start up again the end of October.

Unfortunately my camera was being stupid (meaning the batteries died and I was having major issues adjusting the focus with the moving water and weird lights) so the pictures from today aren’t super but they preserve the moment anyway!

IMG_5831IMG_5830  IMG_5832 IMG_5828IMG_5833 IMG_5825  IMG_5829

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Heather said...

Gracie is doing so well in swimming, Ian on the other hand looks like it was almost painful to come down the slide! How different 2 children can be! He'll catch on soon I bet!