Sunday, October 18, 2009

This week in review

James and the kids snuggled on the couch.


Gracie started her next level swim class.  We got her a swim cap because her hair is getting trashed by the chlorine.  I think she looks like an adorable little 50’s synchronized swimmer when she’s wearing it.

IMG_5871 IMG_5862IMG_5880

Gracie tried to teach Molly how to play the piano.  Molly wouldn’t have anything to do with it.


Ian spent time brushing up on his Roman history.


And today we had a picnic at Cherry Creek State Park.  It was gorgeous out, a high of 82.  We played by the lake, jumped in leaves, kicked a soccer ball and tossed a football.  It was a really nice afternoon!

IMG_5915  IMG_5972IMG_5900IMG_5924IMG_5933 IMG_5940 IMG_5953

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