Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ian’s 4th Birthday Party

We had Ian’s party this past Sunday.  This year is an even year, meaning the kids don’t get a big party.  We are keeping that to an every other year thing, otherwise it’s just too much.  So Ian had his choice of one friend (and family) to join us and he choose D.  So we his family along with Grandma and Grandpa to Chuck E Cheese for pizza, play and cake!

I need one of these for home!IMG_6462

In the tunnels on the ceiling.


The Grandparents and the dad.


A table full of craziness!!  This was the best picture I got!


The rollercoaster ride.  The kids rode this 4 times and almost made poor Heather puke!!


They loved it though!


Gracie the future jockey and Ian the future race car driver.

IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6478IMG_6475 

And again this year Ian plugged his ears for the singing of Happy Birthday.  He hates that song, for real!!


Gracie helping open presents.  Ian asked her too.  He doesn’t like to do much for himself if he can get a willing person to do it for him!

IMG_6482 IMG_6483

Ian about died when he opened this and insisted we put it together immediately.  He’s been wearing it a lot since Sunday, it’s pretty hilarious, he looks like umpaloompa meets storm trooper when he has it on.


Ian and Damien, his best buddy.


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