Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 and a Christmas Tree

We spent Thanksgiving up in Loveland with James parents this year.  We weren’t sure if we would make it because on Wednesday Gracie wasn’t feeling well and had a fever but by Thursday she seemed fine, so we headed up.  We had a yummy traditional Thanksgiving dinner with marinated turkey breasts.  They were delicious!!!

We spent the night in Loveland and that night and the next morning James and I embarked on operation Black Friday.  This was the first time I’ve ever done the whole wait in line and rush the door thing.  It was fun actually.  And insane.  We did Toys R Us at midnight and amazingly we got all the stuff we had on our list there.  The only thing I was going for was doorbuster stuff that was actually a really good deal.  The kids are going to be very happy Christmas morning!    Then we went home and slept for a couple hours, then got up and hit Wal Mart for a camcorder (James was 8th in line for that and they only had 16), and then we went to Macy’s so I could get a good food processor.  I’m sooooooo glad we got one, it’s amazing!  I’ve had food processors before, but never one as good as this one.  I tend to kill them, so we’ll see how this one lasts.  Then we hit Target and KMart for a couple other items we needed to fill in.  All in all we got some great stuff for really good prices, I was pleased!

After James and I recovered at his folks and had some super yummy waffles, we headed back home.  I started to feel pretty cruddy around dinner time and went to bed early.  By Saturday morning I was sick.  By Sunday night I couldn’t swallow at all without serious pain.  A trip to the Urgent Care got me some antibiotics.  By Tuesday morning I was worse, so off to Urgent Care again.  This time the news was bad.  I had ulcers in my throat and all over my uvula.  Open sores.  It hurt sooooo bad.  They ran an IV of fluids for me with pain killer and steroids to help the swelling (my uvula was resting on my tongue it was so huge).  Told me to quit the antibiotics because this was viral, and gave me more steroids and a throat numbing gargle to take home.  I was sick all week long.  Saturday was the first day I was semi-normal.  I lost 10 pounds, couldn’t babysit at all, it was a really rough week!

So Saturday the 5th was the kids party for James company.  We took the kids over to see Santa and get their goodie bags but didn’t stay for the movie.  They were showing the new “A Christmas Carole” and we heard that it might be a little intense for the kids.  We headed from there to get our Christmas tree.   That was an adventure in it’s self!  We go to a cut your own tree place every year.  This year we apparently cut down the wrong kind of tree, even though it wasn’t marked and we had no idea.  They wanted to charge us $12 a foot instead of the flat $35 per tree.  So we had to leave the first tree and go cut another one.  The guy was really rude and wouldn’t work with us at all.  The whole thing was really weird, they just tossed the tree we cut down first to the side and I just couldn’t believe that instead of giving it to us they were going to make us cut down a second tree.  Needless to say that was our last year going there, they were so rude, even when we said we had come there for 5 years.  So much for customer service!

After our tree adventure I had to work a fun bus party and when I got home from that we ate dinner and crashed.  James was coming down with a fever and I was exhausted so we went to bed at 8:30.

When we woke up Sunday I finally felt like myself.  Thankfully the sickness had completely passed.  James recovered fine too, he has a little head cold.

Here’s a couple pictures from our tree adventure.  The tree in the pictures at the farm is the one we cut down first, not the one that’s actually in our house!

  IMG_6300 IMG_6302 IMG_6303 IMG_6305IMG_6312


The Mama said...

Lovely tree! Maybe they were new people there this season! Some people really don't know how to compromise.....

The Mama said...

LOL, this must be Heather! I bet I'm still signed in on your computer.