Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catch up…….

I haven’t posted a ton of stuff lately so this post is all catch up and a lot of pictures.  Hold on to your hats!

Gracie is reading now, and she’s doing really well.  Here she is reading her Biscuit book to Ian one morning.


Gracie and I went to Chicago for a very quick weekend January 29-31.  I mainly just wanted to go see my grandparents, my grandfather is 95 and has had a lot of health issues lately.  It was not an easy visit but I am really glad we went.  He ended up going to the hospital while we were at his home.  He’s doing better as of today but things change very fast so lately I’m never sure what a phone call home will have in store.

Here’s Gracie is in the tub there.  I know it’s not really anything to do with why we went but it’s such a cute picture of her!


Playing the organ with grandma Gigi at my grandparents house.


With my grandpa.


With my step-mom, grandma Helen.


With my dad. Not the best picture but at least they are both smiling.


While we were in Chicago James and Ian stayed home and had a Star Wars weekend which included hours upon hours of playing Star Wars Legos on the Wii and watching a few of the movies.  It worked out so well because Ian was really sick the day we left and stayed sick the entire weekend.  I was very glad that I had decided to put Gracie’s name on the ticket going with me and not his!


We went to the Denver aquarium for the first time in a couple years.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera.  We had a great day though, the kids got to watch them feed the archer fish and the sharks and we discovered a super secret indoor playground they have there.

Dog Show!

We went to a dog show on Presidents day.  It was free for the kids and cheap for the adults.  It was really pretty cool, I’m glad we went.  We walked in just in time to see a cocker show and then we walked around a bit and saw so many different dogs.  We also watched a lot of agility competition which was really cool.  Some of those dogs are just nuts!  I love the ones that bark the whole time, like they are just going to explode from having fun and being so excited.  It cracks me up!  Anyway, no good photos from that day, just memories!


After the dog show I took Gracie to an audition for Snow White with Missoula Children’s Theater here in Parker.  It was really an amazing experience.  There were 133 kids there and watching the process of how they pick actors was very interesting.  Basically they line all the kids up, group them loosely by age and then go round and round asking them to do different things.  Each kid had about 6 opportunities to do something on their own for the ladies doing the judging.  I was super impressed at how Gracie behaved and how hard she tried.  She did really really well.  I watched the whole process and she made me so proud!  Gracie did not get a part and it was heartbreaking to experience that with her but it was also a very good learning experience.  Now we know how it goes and what she can do to increase her chances next time.   

Here she is waiting her turn.


And here we are afterwards soothing ourselves with dinner at McD’s.IMG_6693


Both the kids are swimming again.  Just yesterday Ian finally went underwater to retrieve a ring, I was so proud of him!!! It’s been a lot of work for him, he’s not as much a water lover as Gracie but I’m determined to keep him in til he’s comfortable in the water.   Gracie is in the top class for her age group and is very good at both the front and back strokes and just this week started learning the breast stroke.  She loves swimming and she loves her coach.




Front Stroke

IMG_6721 IMG_6723 IMG_6729

Racing coach Dave, she did the back stroke, he did the butterfly.


Fearless girl running off the diving board.


Riding a 2 wheeler!

Gracie decided yesterday that it was the day she was giving up the training wheels for good.  And she just up and did it!  Yay Gracie!

IMG_6750 IMG_6752 IMG_6794IMG_6754 IMG_6760 IMG_6761 IMG_6772 IMG_6774

And I think that gets us all caught up! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the air

We are watching our friends kids for a few hours today.  Gracie has insisted since we met that their oldest is her boyfriend and that she’s going to marry him.  It’s pretty darn cute.

The following conversation just occurred between them, while they are sitting in the playroom building with Legos.

G:  You know, I have a really big crush on you and I think you have one on me too.

S:  Yeah, I do have a crush on you.

G:  You do?!?  Oh, how big is it?

S:  Well, I guess I just love you.

G:  Oh.  Yeah.  Well, I love you too.


Happy Valentines Day!!