Thursday, April 15, 2010

A visit to Chicago

My grandfather passed away on March12th and due to circumstances his services were delayed until this past week.  So we flew home to Chicago to remember him and spend some time with family.

As usual the kids played in the yard a lot.  They love having the freedom to run around and have so much nature to explore at my dads house!  The outdoor train also provided lots of entertainment as did the small yard projects my dad gave the kids.  And of course there was time watching the fish in the pond.   Gracie and I spent one afternoon collecting over 30 golf balls from the woods which was fun if not a bit muddy!

We saw lots of family at the service.   We took a chance to visit with my sister and her family in Milwaukee and spent an hour on a Lake Michigan Beach.  We also had a quick visit with  James grandfather who lives about 15 minutes from my dad.  Our friends from down near Joliet came and had dinner with us one night.  (And we played darts and I beat both Chris and James.  Against James I actually threw the winning dart with my eyes closed.  True story!!)   It was a lot crammed into 5 days and in spite of the circumstances we really had a good time!

Left to Right:  My stepmom Helen, dad’s cousin Tod, my aunt Judy, dad’s cousin Patti and my dad.IMG_7088 

Our kids with my cousins kids.  They had such a great time together!IMG_7090 IMG_7091

Our kids with my sisters two oldest.  They also had a really great time playing together!IMG_7096 IMG_7097  IMG_7100 IMG_7102

At a beach on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.IMG_7116 IMG_7124 IMG_7156 IMG_7171 IMG_7184Visiting with James grandpa.  We had a really nice visit and he shared some awesome family history and newspaper articles and stuff with us.  IMG_7228

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April Lewis said...

And I'm sure that Granpda loved telling you guys all those stories and history! I miss him. Glad you guys had a great trip and got to see so many friends and family!