Friday, August 20, 2010

Our New Place

We’ve been busy this summer.  Really busy!  After recovering from our May of Insanity we decided mid-June that we were going to rent out our townhouse and move.  It was just time.  We’ve needed more room for a long time and with James out of school it was time to go.

So.  We are currently renting a house.  We have 3 acres and it’s ready for horses.  It’s really a dream come true, we’ve talked about moving out on a bit of land since before we were married.   This place has all the space for horses, chickens, and whatever else our hearts desire.  The landlord would like to sell it, so once we’ve experienced a year here and have decided we like it then we will hopefully be purchasing it.  The house it’s self isn’t really anything special, if we buy it we will be doing a lot of work to fix it up and make it into something a bit nicer.  The land though, well it’s one of the nicest properties we’ve seen in this area and we’ve been looking at places for years.

So without further adieu, here’s some pictures of the house, the kids, the dogs, and the beautiful scenery we have now!

Gracie with a monster mushroom.  We had a ton of these when we moved in.  They are mostly gone now though. IMG_7852

Cute boy in the tub.  IMG_7904

Living room


Adult room


Kids room

IMG_7935 IMG_7936


IMG_7937 IMG_7938

View from basement stairs.  The basement is unfinished but it is (as you can see) ready for walls.  It’s also completely wired with lights and outlets.  I plan to staple up some sheets to make these seem more room like and hide all the electrical cords and such that aren’t really safe for the kids to be able to get to.  Eventually if we buy it we’ll put up permanent walls.  We managed to get a large amount of carpet for free on Craigslist and we laid it all out down here and cut it for the rooms to cover the concrete floors.  The playroom is to the right, the school room to the left.  There’s also a large laundry room and storage room behind the stairs but I didn’t take pictures of those.




School room


School room




Basement hall.  There’s an office down to the right, but it wasn’t set up when I did pictures




Front yard as you look out the door.


Front yard wildflowers (a lot of which I have now mowed).   The building in the picture is a large garage.  We have no idea who it belongs to since there is no house there.  It might belong to the house across the street.  Anyway, there’s been no activity at it and I’m glad it’s just an ugly gray building and not a house!


Trees on the south side of the house.  The kids made a little tent with a tarp there!


View from the front door to the north west.  That pasture is owned by the people next to us who have a lot of acreage and horses who come up to our fence for petting.   We see deer in this spot a lot too.  There is a decent sized herd around here, many does with fawns and a bachelor group of 3, 2 of which are 6 or 7 pointers.  They are gorgeous and we love watching for them at dusk.


View of the front yard and house from the west side of the property.


View of the front and north side yard.  We have everything to a second fence to the left that you cannot see.  That section was fenced for something at some point, maybe goats?  We’re not quite sure.  It’s a mess in there though, hasn’t been mowed in who knows how long and there’s a huge junk pile of random farm type stuff in there.  We’re slowly picking our way through it and cleaning it out.


View of the house as you come down the driveway.  The basement is walk-out.


The pasture.  We have a round pen, you can see the 2-stall paddock to the left and the property extends all the way back behind the pine trees in the center of the photo.  The fence is about 12 feet from the house you can see there.


Again showing to the south side of the property line and road.


Paddock with 2 covered horse stalls and runs.  The shed to the right is for hay or whatever.


Overgrown paddock.  The building for this section has lost it’s roof as you can see.  It needs some work but the structure is sound.


Two dogs who are constantly muddier and more tired than they have ever been in their entire lives.  I think they fancy themselves farm dogs now.  Molly is doing her job and barks at everything while Maggie just stands there and wags at anyone who might come in our yard.  It’s so nice having this space for them. 


The kids wanted a picture with their baby. 


Ian playing Rock around the clock in the pool. IMG_7975Sunset outside my front door.IMG_8001


Marti said...

I'm glad for you to have this! Of course, living in our small town isn't that bad, but we'd love to get out in the country a little ways, too. Enjoy! (Looks like you are.)

The Mama said...

Thanks Marti! Small town living is so nice. We've been really lucky the last few years living in a less busy suburb but so close to Denver. Now we are really out in the country and it's so wonderful. I feel myself physically relax when when I've spent the day in town and turn towards home. I see those big fields and my whole body just sighs. And we are still less than an hour from downtown Denver for when I need a city fix!

MDB_Mom said...

So glad you are loving it! I am happy for you Alice!