Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apparent Brown Recluse or Hobo Spider Bite on the snout of a dog days two and three after the bite.


Photo of Molly before this all began:


When we first noticed something on the 19th it it was just a small bump.  I thought she had been stung by a bee or something.  Within 2 hours of noticing it the bump was larger and oozing pus.  We went to a local vet where they applied topical antibiotics and steroids, put her on an oral antibiotic, and gave her a shot of benadryl and an anti-inflamatory (non-steroidal).  The bump continued to grow.

Photo from 10/20, approximately 24 hours after bite was discovered:


Within 24 hours of noticing bite it had grown considerably in size and swelling and the entire surface of the bite had begun to ooze blood and pus.  We went to the emergency vet where they did blood work and said that so far everything was normal which is a good sign.  Her urine was also normal.  They recommended stopping the topical antibiotic since applying it was causing extra bleeding. 

Photos from today 10/21, approximately 48 hours after bite:

IMG_8550IMG_8552   IMG_8551IMG_8555

Bite has grown in length and width.   You can see from the photos that the surface is beginning to lift off and underneath there is blood and pus.  You can also see where towards her eyes the healthy tissue is starting to bubble and pit as the venom works it’s way through.  We returned to the vet today and they clipped around it and cleaned it but decided not to remove any tissue yet.   They agreed it is still growing.   They said only time will tell.  All of the affected tissue will fall off eventually, probably in the next week.  We are looking at weeks or months of recovery.  If this moves to her eyes or goes into the deep tissue or bone of her snout it will be catastrophic. 

There are also two small bumps inside her right ear which looked like small blisters yesterday and now today are larger, red, and have a black center.  We are keeping an eyes on those too as they may be related.

I should add, we are also supporting her with Vitamin C given as a powder Sodium Ascorbate that we add to her food and I am also going to use some homeopathics that are recommended for insect bites and snake bites.  I figure it can’t hurt!


Tracey said...

My dog just sustained a brown recluse bite on his face. I was hoping you could post a current photo of your dog so I could see how it healed up. My vet prescribed steroids and antibiotics. I am using apis gel topically, I ordered in activated charcoal, and I am giving the homeopathic remedy lachesis. Fingers crossed. Love to hear back from you - please email

Ryan Sullivan said...

My dog went through a similar ordeal. Here is a link to my blog:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the photos and info on this. My dog is going through this right now, in the same area of the muzzle, and it is not improving with antibiotic treatment (pill form). I'm desperate to help him, but the vet seems like they're pretty uninformed about such things. I can't afford thousands of dollars of tests and treatments, so I'm praying that someone knows of a way to treat this successfully. If you know of anything that could help please let me know.

The Mama said...

Read the next few posts, they explain how I healed the bite.