Friday, October 22, 2010

Spider Bite Day 4

Things are looking up. 

As of this morning I can say that it appears the venom is not spreading and the whole bump has actually shrunk a bit.  What do I attribute this to?

Activated Charcoal.

Yesterday after the vet told me once again there was nothing we can do and that we just have to sit and wait I took to the internet again, but this time not looking for how bad it can get.  I was looking for anything and everything people have used to fix these bites on their own.  Screw conventional medicine!!!

The biggest issue is getting the venom out.  I knew this from day one and was really surprised that the doctors didn’t agree.  I thought that they would want to cut it out, which I was fine with.  The trouble with cutting though is that the venom isn’t truly visible, so you can cut what you think you see only to have more tissue die because you didn’t get it all.  So the vets wanted to wait and see how far it spreads, then treat once the venom is done moving.  From my point of view though, that’s not a really good solution, because in some cases this venom moves for days, weeks and even months, eating all the flesh as it goes.  HUGE holes are left behind and the recovery can be long, painful, and yucky.

So how else do you get the venom out?  You suck it out.

There are a few cures mentioned for doing this.  Activated charcoal is one.  Baking Soda is another.  Also any kind of paste you would use for bee stings or a bread poultice (and many other types of poultices).  Something that dries and sucks moisture from the wound.

So last night we cracked open a bottle of activated charcoal I’ve had for years and opened some of the capsules, added water to make a paste and then covered everything that was inflamed.  There is no issue with putting this right on raw flesh as well, it will help dry it out and she’s on an antibiotic anyway so that should stop any infection if it was introduced to the wound.  I literally painted her nose with a paint brush and covered the whole spot.  We waited 2 hours and then washed it off and re-painted it for the night.    We have had to use the cone collar she had from getting spayed to keep her from pawing at it but only when it’s wet.  Once it’s dry it seems quite comfortable for her.

Anyway, we washed it off this morning and to our total happiness the swelling does seem to have gone down, it seems slightly smaller in length and width and the bumps that were crawling towards her eyes seem completely gone.  It’s so awesome!  We covered it again and I am going to remove it soon, clean it, and then re-apply.  The information I found said to remove and re-apply every couple of hours the first day and then a few times each day following til it’s gone.  Since we are getting a late start on this I’m trying to let it dry and then remove and re-apply every few hours for at least 24 hours, so til tonight.  Then depending on how things look we will possibly change it out less tomorrow.

We are still supporting with SA as well as two different homeopathic remedies that I dissolve in a small amount of water and then give her like a liquid medication.  I am also going to look into some essential oils which may really help with the healing of the area.

So, now pictures.  It does look somewhat worse initially because skin is now really falling off leaving raw flesh visible.  But in general the entire affected area is smaller, and that’s what we are going for.



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