Saturday, October 23, 2010

Spider Bite day 5

Still cautiously optimistic.  The spot is not growing and has maybe shrunk a small amount again.  The raw area of flesh is larger as the skin is falling off but the flesh underneath appears a bit healthier today, not quite so pussy and weepy, like it’s maybe trying to heal?  I sure hope so.  I am happy that I can still see hair growing up through the wound so it appears at least so far that the hair follicles are healthy.  Time will tell and really it’s the least of my worries but it’s nice to see that hair appears to still be there. 

Molly is still eating and drinking normally and doesn’t seem bothered by the spot except when we touch it.  The spots in her ears haven’t grown although they are now in both ears now as well as on her tongue.  I am thinking this is maybe a rash reaction to the antibiotic?  As long as it doesn’t get worse I’m just leaving that for now.

How it looks today:

IMG_8568 IMG_8567

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