Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spider Bite Day 6

A little bit better again today!!

I think I can safely say it’s shrinking.  Very very slowly, but the affected area is smaller and less swollen.  Yay!!!

The worst part of all this now is the bleeding.  It’s just so gross.  When she hits her nose, which is about a billion times a day, the scab will split and there is blood.  Or she rubs against you, peels off scab and skin, and then there’s blood all over you.  It’s nasty. 

But she’s healing!  A couple of the pits in the spot are really deep and I think it’s going to be quite awhile before the whole thing is healed but I think the worst is over.

The spots in her ears and on her tongue are unchanged and I’m not too worried about them.

She’ll be on antibiotics for the foreseeable future to make sure nothing settles in the wound while it heals.  And hopefully, that will be that.

Here’s a few of the resources I used through this whole thing.  There’s a lot more though, I googled for the first 2 days I think!  There’s always the possibility that this wasn’t a spider bite but given the way that it acted and then responded to treatment I think it’s about 99% possible that it was. 

Heal a Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Case Studies- Pet Cases

How to Heal a Spider Bite

Treating a Brown Recluse Spider Bite

I’ll post pictures as it heals but I don’t think I’ll make daily posts anymore, unless things go south for some reason.  Thank you to everyone who has been helpful and thinking about Molly through this craziness!

Pictures today.  It’s a little bloody because I had just cleaned it a bit.  It’s amazing what sticks to a wound on a dogs nose!IMG_8573


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