Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things I've learned living out in the country......

Not having close neighbors rocks.

Deer can be really aggressive.  I've seen them chase our dogs, a coyote, and they aren't really very afraid of us either!

Dead mice in the yard don't bother me, it means the cats are doing their job.

Chickens are really sweet and fresh eggs are awesome.

The washboard sound of a dirt road becomes oddly comforting.

I miss having a clean car.

Small town people are generally very nice.

4-H is just as cool as I thought it would be when I was a kid.

You will eat better when fast food, and most restaurants in general, are at minimum a 20 minute drive.  We cook at home a lot these days.  It's a good thing.

Keep the gas tank at least 1/4 full at all times.

Dogs are absolutely definitely happier when they have a yard.  So are children.

Fighting the dust when you are on a dirt road is pointless.  Just accept it and wipe it down when you can.

Burrs are the devils gift to the country.

The stars on a clear night make all the driving worth it.  It's just breathtaking.

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