Thursday, February 24, 2011

In which I would like a redo on the hour between Noon and 1.

Holy crap.  And Melissa, again, I'm so sorry.

So Gracie is going to do a solo for her 4H fine arts competition (except it's not really a competition for her age group) in March.  We picked a song from Music Together because it is short, simple, and really very beautiful.  It's called May All Children.  Anyway, I needed an accompaniment track for the performance and couldn't find one anywhere.  After looking and asking around I was reminded that I know someone who teaches Music Together and plays guitar and could probably do it for me.  So I contacted Melissa and arranged to meet her today at her studio at 12:15. 

It should have been as simple as that.  Really.

So we arrived on time, Melissa finished her class and we sat down to get started.  I didn't want to impose much on her so I was hoping we could do it very quickly.  Asked the kids on the way there to please please be quiet when she was playing so we could quickly be finished and go home.  In retrospect I should have insisted they just sit in the foyer.  But they sat in the room and Ian was wearing swishy track pants so every time he moved there was a noise and then he had to breath deep and sigh and then, well, you get the point.  He was being distracting.   Melissa played once, wasn't sure it was right and wanted to do it again.  I kept shooting looks at Ian, he kept swishing, although quietly, he wasn't the frozen statue I had asked him to be.  Anyway, I think what we got will be fine, I'll know for sure once James gets it on a CD.

So when we were done I was somewhat frustrated with him but it was over and we were hungry and headed out.  When Ian shut Melissa's office door.  After he locked it.  And all her stuff was inside.

Momentary panic led to me trying to open it with a card which was funny since I had just taught Gracie how to do that yesterday when she was talking about being a detective.  No dice on this door though.  So phase 2, I tried to pick the lock which resulted in a paperclip becoming lodged in the lock.  I'm feeling like a real jerk at this point.

Phase 3 involved me going to the car to get a screwdriver and crowbar.

I popped the hinges off the door but it still wouldn't move because of the hinge design.  While we were trying to wiggle it out Gracie suggested kicking the door.  I told her it wouldn't work because the door opened the other way.  About 10 seconds later she came up between me and Melissa and gave the door a huge kick. 

*Internal Dialogue Moment*  Shit. I just want to die.  Why won't my children listen to me?  Why are they so naughty? Why did I ever think I could handle 6 kids?  Why the hell is she kicking the door when I said no?  Why do I home school again?   ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I told Gracie to sit down and then with a little prying we got the door off and the paper clip unlodged and the door unlocked and everything out and the door hung back on and closing properly.  We left and I was shaking and frustrated and embarrassed and annoyed and asked Ian why in the world he locked and shut the door and then he told me Delaney did it.  Delaney is the horrible neighbor child we had many run ins with at our condo.  We haven't seen her since the day we left in July.  How do you even argue when kid states something that is so undeniably untrue as a cold hard fact?  He had already apologized a few times for the whole thing so I have no idea why when I asked him what his motivation was he decided to go with the impossible. 

So yeah.  I'd like to have a redo on the hour between Noon and 1, but since I can't I think I'll just have a drink and make sure this is documented so the kids know why I'm in the loony bin when I snap and those nice young men in their clean white coats come and take me away.

*Bonus points to you if you like the song I just referenced*

Disorganized thoughts and random facts:

~Maggie has decided that she is a car chaser.  Whenever she hears someone coming up the road she runs to the gate and then runs along our fence to the corner of the property with them.  Then as they keep driving she barks out something that seems to be saying "That's right, and stay out!".

~The donkeys have adjusted well.  They bray when we come out to feed them now and don't get spooked by the dogs or running children.  They are really cute.  I'm excited to start some training when the weather gets a bit warmer.

~My house is perpetually dirty.

~There is a huge ice flow from the top of our yard that goes down the hill to near the playset.  It's our own little glacier and I almost killed myself on it yesterday.

~I love my new smart phone.

~Gracie says that Molly's breath smells like dog food and rats.

~Speaking of Molly, I think she's going to have permanently funny hair growth on her nose.  It's kind of spiky and patchy, not that you can tell unless you really look.  I'm so glad that's the worst that came out of the bad scary spider bite situation.
~School is going really well for us right now and that's all I'm going to say so I don't jinx it.

~James was accepted into a leadership training course at work.  He had to apply, apparently there were a lot of applicants, and he was one of 8 to get in.  I'm so proud of him and I hope this helps his career along even more.

~I've come to realize having so many pets is going to put a serious crimp in my love of travel.  I'm not sure how that's all going to work out.  I really need to find a neighbor or someone nearby that wants to trade animal care for vacations.  We've done that with the dogs, I wonder if we can find something similar for the chickens and donkeys.  Cause I really can't justify $1000  in animal care for a weeks vacation.  Yes, it's that much.

~Ian has really long hair right now and has been called a girl multiple times by people in public.  And all I can think is really?  He's wearing a shirt with footballs on it, track pants, and fireman boots.  Girl?  Really?

~Social stereotypes annoy me.

~I have heartburn.


Monday, February 21, 2011

A very productive weekend.

I stayed home Saturday while James took the kids for a visit with his parents.  I was able to knock out a lot of projects and clean up the main living areas of the house and watch a movie, all in peace and quite.  It was so nice and very needed.

Yesterday we relaxed and then renewed our Costco membership.  It was crazy insane there, now I remember why I never shop there on the weekends.

Today we cleaned up outside.  The weather has been so nice and a lot of the snow has melted so we raked up a lot of the mess and I looked for eggs since one of the chickens seems to be laying them in the yard instead of in the chicken run.  After our 2 hour outdoor clean up we had lunch and then went inside for lunch.  After lunch we spent another 2 hours cleaning up the basement.  We got the playroom and school room cleaned from top to bottom.  We rearranged furniture and I am happy with how things look now.  I scored 2 bookshelves on Freecycle this past week and we needed them so badly.  The school room looks much more organized now and the other shelf is in our living room with kids books that were freaking everywhere in their bedroom because they were totally overflowing the shelf in there.

I also ordered 3 more chickens today.  They will be coming when they are 6 weeks old since I just cannot do chicks, we don't have what we would need to keep them safe with the cats and such.  At 6 weeks they can live outside so we are purchasing them from someone who will raise them til then.  We are getting another green egg layer and 2 brown egg layers.  I'm contemplating doing the chicken thing on a much larger scale.  That's probably a decision that shouldn't be made til we own this place, but the idea of raising chickens and selling egg shares is on my mind.

Anyway it was a good weekend.  My whole body is sore from all the raking but it was worth it.  We still have a lot more to do before things start growing in the spring but it's a start! 

Now I need to start planning a garden.  I have no idea where to start, no one has ever done a garden here from what I can tell, there is not a bed or garden area anywhere.   I'm wondering if it might be too much to do this year, maybe I should just stick to buying at the farmers market and worry about it next year.  Maybe it's another thing I should worry about once we own this place. 

So many things to think about.  I can't wait for spring!