Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disorganized thoughts and random facts:

~Maggie has decided that she is a car chaser.  Whenever she hears someone coming up the road she runs to the gate and then runs along our fence to the corner of the property with them.  Then as they keep driving she barks out something that seems to be saying "That's right, and stay out!".

~The donkeys have adjusted well.  They bray when we come out to feed them now and don't get spooked by the dogs or running children.  They are really cute.  I'm excited to start some training when the weather gets a bit warmer.

~My house is perpetually dirty.

~There is a huge ice flow from the top of our yard that goes down the hill to near the playset.  It's our own little glacier and I almost killed myself on it yesterday.

~I love my new smart phone.

~Gracie says that Molly's breath smells like dog food and rats.

~Speaking of Molly, I think she's going to have permanently funny hair growth on her nose.  It's kind of spiky and patchy, not that you can tell unless you really look.  I'm so glad that's the worst that came out of the bad scary spider bite situation.
~School is going really well for us right now and that's all I'm going to say so I don't jinx it.

~James was accepted into a leadership training course at work.  He had to apply, apparently there were a lot of applicants, and he was one of 8 to get in.  I'm so proud of him and I hope this helps his career along even more.

~I've come to realize having so many pets is going to put a serious crimp in my love of travel.  I'm not sure how that's all going to work out.  I really need to find a neighbor or someone nearby that wants to trade animal care for vacations.  We've done that with the dogs, I wonder if we can find something similar for the chickens and donkeys.  Cause I really can't justify $1000  in animal care for a weeks vacation.  Yes, it's that much.

~Ian has really long hair right now and has been called a girl multiple times by people in public.  And all I can think is really?  He's wearing a shirt with footballs on it, track pants, and fireman boots.  Girl?  Really?

~Social stereotypes annoy me.

~I have heartburn.



samantha said...

Hahaha! You make me laugh! Wesley got called a girl so many time when his hair was long and Jack still does--OK--would I really dress my girl in those clothes??? We got Wesley's hair cut when he asked--he wanted to be like Chase who absolutely has to have his hair short b/c he can't stand to have any where near his ears or eyes---Jack refuses to have his hair cut which is fine with me--I love it and could care less if we ever cut it! Oh and sorry about the heart burn!!!

Emily said...

Ooh, gotta watch out for those ice flows ;).

Michael no longer gets called a girl. Even after cutting his hair we would get girl comments. Bleh.

Can you check with some local 4H kids? Somebody might like the experience of watching your farm :D.

The Mama said...

4H is an excellent idea! I actually thought of that once, then forgot again, LOL!!

And, as luck would have it, Ian got his hair cut today. We were near the place where they always get it cut and he asked if we could go so we did. He's such a mini James now!!