Monday, February 21, 2011

A very productive weekend.

I stayed home Saturday while James took the kids for a visit with his parents.  I was able to knock out a lot of projects and clean up the main living areas of the house and watch a movie, all in peace and quite.  It was so nice and very needed.

Yesterday we relaxed and then renewed our Costco membership.  It was crazy insane there, now I remember why I never shop there on the weekends.

Today we cleaned up outside.  The weather has been so nice and a lot of the snow has melted so we raked up a lot of the mess and I looked for eggs since one of the chickens seems to be laying them in the yard instead of in the chicken run.  After our 2 hour outdoor clean up we had lunch and then went inside for lunch.  After lunch we spent another 2 hours cleaning up the basement.  We got the playroom and school room cleaned from top to bottom.  We rearranged furniture and I am happy with how things look now.  I scored 2 bookshelves on Freecycle this past week and we needed them so badly.  The school room looks much more organized now and the other shelf is in our living room with kids books that were freaking everywhere in their bedroom because they were totally overflowing the shelf in there.

I also ordered 3 more chickens today.  They will be coming when they are 6 weeks old since I just cannot do chicks, we don't have what we would need to keep them safe with the cats and such.  At 6 weeks they can live outside so we are purchasing them from someone who will raise them til then.  We are getting another green egg layer and 2 brown egg layers.  I'm contemplating doing the chicken thing on a much larger scale.  That's probably a decision that shouldn't be made til we own this place, but the idea of raising chickens and selling egg shares is on my mind.

Anyway it was a good weekend.  My whole body is sore from all the raking but it was worth it.  We still have a lot more to do before things start growing in the spring but it's a start! 

Now I need to start planning a garden.  I have no idea where to start, no one has ever done a garden here from what I can tell, there is not a bed or garden area anywhere.   I'm wondering if it might be too much to do this year, maybe I should just stick to buying at the farmers market and worry about it next year.  Maybe it's another thing I should worry about once we own this place. 

So many things to think about.  I can't wait for spring!

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