Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Five!

My sister does this on her blog.  I have no idea if I'm doing it right or linking up right but I'm gonna try anyway.

1.  I swear.  A lot.  I think I was saving it up all the years I was in christian school and baptist church.  It's still trying to level itself out in my vocabulary. 

2.  I let dishes pile up for days at times.  I really need a dishwasher.  And a maid.

3.  James and I never fight.  Or almost never anyway.  I think I got all my anger out in my twenties.  I'm to tired to fight anyone anymore.  I do still have opinions, I'm just better about sharing them.

4.  I love to travel.  Anywhere anytime if I can make it happen I do.

5.  I wanted 6 kids before I had any.  Now I'm pretty sure if I had any more than 2 I would lose my ever-loving mind.


Courtney Fisk said...

i swear sooo much now it is hilarious to even myself. i laugh inside my head and think if so and so ever heard me talk like this...

The Mama said...

I know! It would be embarrassing if it weren't so funny. Apparently I still need to assert my adultness or something.

Dave S. said...

So, you didn't swear in your twenties, when you were angry all the time, but now that you do swear a lot, you're never angry.


Fuck, No.

The Mama said...

Dave, I do believe you are on to something. ;)