Thursday, April 07, 2011

Waiting sucks!

If you are in charge of hiring in your position at work here's some advice from someone who is trying to ever so patiently wait on a potentially life changing work opportunity for James.

Don't do an interview the day before you are out of town and unavailable for 2 weeks.  Not providing this information until the end of the interview was somewhat cruel.

Do contact the person you interviewed once you are back in your office.  Not contacting them after the time you told them you would be unavailable is crazy making.

Do respond to them when they send you a follow up to make sure you haven't forgotten about them.

Don't say you will bring them to the office the week you return if you won't.

Remember any response is ok.  Really.  The market is in the crapper right now.  If the answer is no then do the person the kindness of letting them know so they can get on with their lives.  If you are just behind but still intend to move forward in the process then let them know that also.  A quick note will suffice.  Just enough to help maintain hope and sanity.

I truly feel like I am going nuts here.  This guy cold contacted James, they had a great interview, and then the guy told James he wouldn't be able to contact him til this week.  He said he would though, and that he wanted to move forward and bring James to the office to meet a couple other people.  It was all good!  And now nothing.  The interview was 3 weeks ago tomorrow.  The job would be awesome, it's where we want to move and it's full of only good things career wise for James.  It's in an area full of liberal home schoolers which is what I am craving.   I'm trying not to lose hope but it's hard after so many days.  We want this so badly.  But more now I just want an answer.  James has been applying for jobs for 11 months now without so much as a phone call back.  This really seemed like the reason nothing so far has worked out.  And I really don't know how to finish this post other than to say I am so frustrated and having such a hard time not obsessively thinking about all of this. 

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