Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chicks and Ducks

I ordered 4 chicks a few months ago, set to arrive all feathered and healthy at 6 weeks old.  I’m so glad I planned to get them since the 3 chickens we had met a quick and untimely end at the hand of a coyote.  The chicks arrived a couple weeks after the unfortunate incident.  They are cute and were hand raised and I cannot wait to start getting eggs again.  Anyway, after they arrived I decided that I wanted to have ducks too, so after a search I found week old ducklings.  I didn’t really want to do the baby duckling thing but they were the only ones I could find at the time so I took them.  It’s amazing how fast they have grown.  It’s also amazing how much we have learned about raising baby birds.  FYI, ducks are messy and smelly.  But they are also really comical and soft and cute which kind of makes up for the smell.

Anyway, without any further delay, here’s our little flock.  The chickens are all hens, they will start laying around the end of August.  We don’t know what the ducks are yet, I won’t be able to tell them apart until their feathers are completely in without violating their privacy and I’m not gonna do that! Smile

All 4 of the chickens. The 2 red hens are Rusty and Rojo, they are hard to tell apart but Rusty has a little more white on her head, I think she’s on the left in the photo.  They are both red sex link chickens and will lay brown eggs.  The white and brown chicken in the middle is Buttercup and the gray chicken in the back right is Robin. They are both Easter Egger chickens and will lay green or blue eggs, time will tell!


Robin and Rojo.  You can see why I call her Robin, I think she looks so much like one!


Robin and Buttercup (and Jubilee in the background).


Robin and Buttercup again, with Jubilee getting curious!


The ducks, Quacky and Peeper.  Quacky is quite a bit bigger than Peeper but it’s hard to tell in the photo.  They are both a lot bigger than the chickens which is funny since they were so much smaller when they first arrived.  Ducks grow fast!  They are both getting their feathers now and losing their cute yellow baby fluff.  They are Pekin ducks and, assuming either of them is female, they will lay white eggs.  If one or both are boys they will be yard ducks, we won’t be eating these guys!


I don’t know which one this is but isn’t it cute?


Ducks and chicks together.


Quacky and Peeper.


Practicing diving.


Ducky swimming time!


Enjoying the pool.


And a picture of Jack (formerly Trinket, Ian renamed her), because I don’t want to ignore the donkeys!  They were mowing my lawn for me today, lol!



Courtney Fisk said...

so lovely. you are living you dream! :) i can not wait to visit and meet those ducks. make me think of friends, Joey and Chandler. :)

unschool said...

They are all adorable--and you have donkeys, too! I love the duck swimming in the dishpan. :)